We are a group of ambitious IT practitioners and experts. For more than 10 years we have been building up startups and transforming them into prospering companies. We also carry out technology projects for the biggest brands.

We create products strongly not only technologically, but also in terms of business, most of which are successful on the international market .

Collaborating with business leaders to define, create, and launch inspiring initiatives. Design and technology are the future of business. And for Vaibu, the future is now. Our next generation strategy consulting accesses deeper insights earlier, reduces complexities, anticipates what’s around the next curve, and effectively prepares organizations for change.

Qualitative and quantitative design research methods to advise our actions. By delivering assurance on digital products and brands with cross-industry insights and user acceptance, we help organizations lead with confidence, navigate risks and opportunities, and become disrupters.

UX Design

Visual perception principles to let our minds navigate the chaotic world and make meaningful conclusions.


APP Development

Seamless digital application design to simplify our everyday processes.



Authentic emotional connection is our guide to a brand that resonates.